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Pump and Blower,Electric motor,gearmotor,roller,vibrating feeder and universal joint etc.

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※Since its establishment in 1950, Showa Denki has made wide-ranging contributions in many fields of industry with its advanced airflow technology. Throughout these rapidly changing times, the company?s airflow products have drawn great acclaim, both in Japan and overseas, due to their outstanding level of technology

As a technology-oriented manufacturer, SHINKO SEIKI has been providing innovative products to meet users' demand based on the variety of accumulated know-how, in particular, in the field of vacuum equipment. In recent years, we have been committed to most advanced fields such as electronics and new materials and also addressing development of really valuable hardware and software through upgrading and organic bond of our characteristic technologies.

Shinko Vibratory equipment is used to process many different powdered materials, ranging from food to glass,ceramics, plastics, paints, medical supplies, cosmetics, metals, magnetic materials, and even waste materials.

As a leading manufacturer of this type of equipment, Shinko offers a wide selection of advanced products, including transport equipment such as vibrating conveyors and electromagnetic feeders, various types of vibrating screens, and equipment used in drying and cooling applications.

With their high productivity and stability, these advanced machines contribute to the streamlining of powdered material processing.


Main Products

  • CF Series of small electromagnetic feeders
  • Vibrating screens
  • Vibrating motors
  • Non-reactive, ultra high-speed vibrating conveyors
  • Sliding conveyors Main Products  web:   TEL:0086-21-51699529 FAX:0086-21-31268092 SKYPE:sumi_jayjay